8 criteria for choosing mobile application and software development companies.

Michael Poremsky

CEO | Co-founder

Software development industry is growing and software developers are in higher demand than before. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur who don't really get how to integrate IT in your business or an owner of start up, you will be looking for software development company or at least a team. We want to introduce you our "8 criteria for choosing mobile application and software development companies":


1. Focus on clients' business goals

Understanding the client's business processes is a must if it's about creating a quality website, mobile application or other IT product.A good IT company considers the development of a website, a mobile application through the prism of the client's business tasks. The goal is not just to develop a website, an online store or a mobile application and close the project, but create a tool to achieve certain business goals.


2. Examples

The accumulated experience is another important criterion for deciding on cooperation. It is important to find out what projects the company has implemented earlier, whether it has similar examples of work examples (cases). Typically, IT companies with a good reputation willingly share links to their projects, post samples of their work on their site.


3. Recommendation

The ideal option is to get feedback about the company from its previous customers. Reviews and recommendations can also be found on the Internet. Many companies in addition to the portfolio place on their websites letters of recommendation from customers.


4. Squat

The staff of programmers can say a lot about the company. This is an original indicator of its success, the opportunity to implement a major project.


5. Methodology and project implementation process

IT companies with a good reputation follow a well-defined methodology for project management, such as Scrum, Kanban.Their application helps to optimise the development process and ensure effective interaction with the client.At the negotiation stage, it is worth asking which methodology is used, how the client is involved in the development process.


6. Speed feedback

A high level of responsiveness in the answers is highly valued in the IT business. Therefore, the manager of the IT company must quickly respond to customer requests.


7. Price

In many cases, price is the determining criterion for choosing an IT company. Because the cheapness of the project - does not speak about its quality. In addition, the development of a site, mobile application or other IT solution should be considered as an investment in the future success of the business.


8. Transparency of calculations

Having received the first calculation, it is worth paying special attention to how thoroughly it is worked out, whether it is clear for what and how much you pay. Moreover, it is necessary to analyse the calculation for additional payments.


Now you know how to find the right candidate for you, but where should you look for?


Where to look? Monitoring.


  • You can start with the companies-developers in the top of the search results. Comparing them, focusing on the quality of the portfolio, feedback, recommendations, information in open sources and other factors, identify several priority ones.


  • Check the mobile application/software developers rankings depending on the market you are interested in (for example visit clutch.co).


  • Most likely you met on the network sites that caused you genuine admiration: they were convenient, functional, looked good and worked perfectly. As a rule, at the bottom of the site you can find copyright, indicating the authorship. You can always contact the company in case you’re interested in partnership.


  • Recommendations of friends and colleagues is a popular method. If the previous employer is satisfied with the work of the company, this gives a little hope that you will also be satisfied.


  • General Freelancer platforms. You will be surprised how many competitors Upwork has. There is always a chance to find a good developers on this sites.


With those recommendations in one place you can avoid most of the common mistakes while looking for your development team. We are always open to help you with this process, so feel free to contact us at hola@it-nity.com.

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