We are IT-nity

Passionate about product.

We are product pros with decades of experience shipping user-friendly apps for successful companies. We started IT-nity to bring that experience to the agency world. We love the craft of software and we don't follow the traditional "outsider" company model.

You bring your existing team (if you have one). Our senior practitioners will jump right in at your speed or level up your team if they’re more on the junior side. We pride ourselves on fitting in and working closely with your team to deliver great products. That’s our passion.

Our Philosophy


We have lots of experience (and opinions!) about building products. We’ll give you our opinion on how to build, but we know enough to be flexible in every situation.


Technology enables great experiences. We like and use technology but we have tried hard to not fall in love with it. We don’t prescribe a single technology and use that on all projects because that it ultimately limiting. Instead, we assess each situation and its constraints to determine which technology is most appropriate for the job.


We’re not happy until our client *and their customers* are happy. While we strive to make all of our clients happy (100% of our clients are referrals) we keep pushing until we know that the end users are happy as well.


These are the qualities we admire in others and hold as ideals for ourselves. When we were hiring agencies in our previous careers we wanted these qualities and so we strive every day to deliver them.

Our Team

Michael Poremsky

CEO, Co-Founder

Boris Sagan

CTO, Co-Founder

Nazar Dub

Tech Lead, Java Developer

Bohdan Yankivskyi

IOS Developer

Sergey Falandysh

UI/UX Designer